In a near-catastrophic kidnapping foiled by fate, former teammates with unrequited feelings reunite. Will they find love at last?


"This book is one of my favorite reads." —Goodreads Reviewer


When former Navy SEAL Jeff Crockett sees a suspicious van parked on a residential street in the early morning hours, his instincts kick in.


When two men bail out and attempt to snatch a young girl,

his training takes over.

Without hesitation, he rescues her.


Little does he know she’s the niece of his former teammate,

the love of his life, Nina Fox.


When Nina Fox hears the screams of her niece, she has no idea something so horrific would be the catalyst that would reignite the spark of passion that threatened to burn her.


You see, the military has strict rules against fraternization.

Love takes a back seat to mission success.


But in the civilian world, will they find love at last?


“…an action-packed, drama-filled, adrenaline-pumping, chemistry-building storyline.” —Goodreads Reviewer

Release date: February 25, 2021

Print pages: 242

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