He had everything but he was empty. 

She had it all but she had nothing. 

Until … they had each other. 


THE HARDCORE COLLECTION trilogy is an unforgettable love story that fans of Fifty Shades of Grey absolutely adore and Sylvia Day's Crossfire Series enthusiastically enjoy.


Maximus Aurelius Moore thundered into my silence.... 


He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

A gorgeous 'Golden God' with a magnetic gaze drew me in. 

Captured by his enigmatic charisma, he was intoxicating.

The wildness I fought to tame screamed his name.


He saw right through me.

He knew she was there

And he even called her his “Wild Thang.”


I became the lightning to his thunder in a whirling storm. 

Until him, I was untouchable.

After him, I was insatiable.


We are opposites, but we share the same dark secret that threatens to destroy everything.


Desperate, we unleash it. 

I only pray our undeniable chemistry will make us whole, not break us into thousands of pieces of a shattered soul.  


From the love at first sight moment to the many gasps of shocking secret reveals, Jessika Klide delivers "a brilliant piece of writing magic."


Over 2,000 pages comprise THE HARDCORE COLLECTION Trilogy. 

Undeniable Chemistry, Sweet Home Alabama Collection #1 (800 pgs) and contains books from THE HARDCORE SERIES: Sexy, The Cocktail Party, Perfect, Ladies Night, and part of Battle.


Unbridled Passion, Intimate Italy Collection Collection #2 and contains books from THE HARDCORE SERIES: Battle, Sex Pot, Heaven, Shakeup, and part of Hardcore.


Unwavering Devotion - Sin City Las Vegas Collection #3 and contains books from THE HARDCORE SERIES: Hardcore and The End.


Jessika Klide's books:


The Hardcore Series

Mr. Sexy

The Cock-Tail Party


Ladies Night


Sex Pot




The End



The Hardcore Collection

Undeniable Chemistry - Sweet Home Alabama

Unbridled Passion - Intimate Italy

Unwavering Devotion - Sin City Las Vegas


Born To Fight Heroes For Hire Secondary Romance Series


Falling For His Badass

Do Donuts

My Girl



Rules of Engagement


Born To Fight Heroes For Hire Mission Series

Ground Zero

Meaner Than Evil

Coming in Hot

Stay Frosty


Heroes For Hire Collection


Risqué Fairy Tales Series

The Thief

The King

The Trainer


* * * *

About the Author

Jessika Klide writes contemporary and new adult romance novels about millionaires and military heroes. This unique storyteller writes insta-love, undeniable chemistry, and commitment where true love wins.


Her books are recommended for fans of authors such as L.J. Shen, Helen Hardt, Marie Force, Melanie Harlow, Lauren Landish, Vi Keeland, Nicole Snow, Nora Roberts, Sylvia Day and E.L. James.

Release date: December 10, 2020

Print pages: 804

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