Unforgettable Billionaire Special Edition

Unforgettable Billionaire Special Edition

He had everything but he was empty. She had it all but she had nothing. Until ... they have each other.
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From top 4 Amazon bestselling author Jessika Klide comes the sequel to Unstoppable, a thrilling, suspenseful contemporary, full-length, romance novel about commitment, acceptance, and unconditional love.


"The first time I laid eyes on you, you owned me, Baby. Now when I thrust inside you, I'm not going to just penetrate you. I'm not going to just pound your perfection. Little one, I am going to make undeniable, unforgettable love to you, and you will be mine … forever."


When the dancing diva Siri Wright first laid eyes on billionaire Maximus Aurelius Moore, their undeniable chemistry sparked a torrid forbidden affair that forever changed them. Siri’s wild passion matched the thunder of the Golden God’s completely. Sharing the same tormented soul, tackling their demon together, they became one. 


Managing the many faces of malice, Siri and Aurei feel invincible. Seemingly having it all now —love, passion, wealth, commitment— the soulmates, back in Sin City, make it official, determined to meld their worlds together.


Protection versus independence remains an issue for the two as Aurei struggles to dominate and possess his headstrong Wild Thang. Then Siri vanishes—again.


As obsession turns to desperation, Aurei’s murderous Bastard Son of Thor superego lurks below the surface, waiting to reclaim what is his, but first, Hardcore must find her!


The Hardcore Novels conclude with an ending that is truly —unforgettable. 

Release date: July 22, 2022

Print pages: 686

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