Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

When a playboy meets his match and she holds all the cards.
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“There is such fiery chemistry between these two (or is it three?) that it burns up the pages.”
Bibliophile Chloe
“The attraction is instant, the chemistry sizzling and their connection undeniable.”
Mel Walker, romance author
“The flirting, the "fuck me" eyes, the innocent yet purposeful teasing and turmoil along with the raw emotions; all connect with each other to make this a great read.”
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The night I enter The Sophisticate, I never intend to leave. Especially after she graces the stage and hypnotizes the crowd. Hypnotizes me.

Rules are rules. And the rules say look but don't touch. I won't defy, but it doesn't mean I won't toe the line.

That is until I meet Tami. Her fire and determination make me question every principle I have in place.


When I join a new gym, the last thing I expect is to drool over the instructor. But I do.

Max may be temptation and sin in a beautiful package, but I don't date. My number one hard and fast rule.

They say rules are meant to be broken. And who knows, maybe they're right. I may not break the rules. But what happens if they bend?

Bent rules create fractures.
Fractures lead to cracks.
And cracks split a heart in two.

**Sweet Tooth contains content that may trigger some readers.

Release date: January 26, 2021

Publisher: Between Words Publishing LLC

Print pages: 266

Content advisory: Contains sexual assault on a woman

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