Seabreeze Sunset

Seabreeze Sunset

Jan Moran Founding author
Untangling secrets at a historic beach inn has unimagined surprises.
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With the high summer season underway at the Seabreeze Inn, Ivy Bay faces new challenges. She has just one season to make the inn a success to pay the tax bill her late husband left behind. And her neighbor’s lawsuit could mean an end to the Seabreeze Inn. Yet her daughter Sunny’s arrival in Summer Beach is also a chance to renew their strained relationship.

While the mayor, Bennett Dylan, develops deeper feelings for Ivy, new trials weigh on their romantic relationship. Sensing Ivy’s sadness over her sister Shelly’s departure, Bennett encourages Mitch, the Java Beach owner, to contact Shelly. And Sunny fears Bennett might be a replacement for her father.

Amid the turmoil, Ivy discovers another clue from the old house’s original owner. The woman’s story makes Ivy reflect on what the house means to her and all of Summer Beach.

Seabreeze Sunset is a sweet summer beach read. This third novel in the Summer Beach series concludes this trilogy. Book your reservation in this small beachside town of intriguing characters now.

Release date: February 11, 2020

Publisher: Sunny Palms Press

Print pages: 385

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Seabreeze Sunset
Jan Moran
Erin Bennett
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February 25, 2021
Sunny Palms Press




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