My Life as a Rock Album: A Second Chance, Antihero Romance

My Life as a Rock Album: A Second Chance, Antihero Romance

They took broken and made it art.
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From award-winning author LJ Evans comes an earthshattering, standalone romance between a broody trash artist who thinks redemption is out of reach and the feisty blogger who flips his world…

“I was at peace living with the loneliness of my art, and then she entered my life with a bubble gum scent and heartbreak on her lips, making me ache for more.

As a recovering alcoholic and a rude bastard, Seth Carmen knows he's better off alone. He's made a success of himself by focusing on the one thing he's good at, turning garbage into art. But when fiery, fairy-like PJ Hensley enters his world, he can't imagine a life without her in it.

PJ is dealing with a tormented past and a stalker she’s trying to ignore. The last thing she needs is a moody trash artist absorbing her time while she finishes college and figures out what comes next. But once she meets him, Seth overwhelms her with an intensity she can’t walk away from.

When her stalker emerges from the shadows, PJ bolts for New York, and Seth spends five months writing her love letters convincing her to come home.

Can he prove that they can take broken and make it art?

Inspired by Bon Jovi’s “Everybody’s Broken,” My Life as a Rock Album is the third heart-wrenching, standalone, redemption story in the My Life as an Album series. If you like unforgettable connections, emotional journeys, and beautiful prose, then you just might adore this series.

Also available in the My Life as an Album box set with exclusive content.

Release date: June 26, 2018

Publisher: LJ Evans Book

Print pages: 438

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LJ Evans
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Behind the book

Seth remains one of my most broken characters. Originally, many readers weren't sure he'd be able to be redeemed as the bad boy from My Life as a Country Album. Now they say, not only did he prove himself worth saving, but he's become a favorite character. I wrote this book for my mom, who wanted a HEA for Seth and who loved him with all his brokenness when he first appeared in Cam's story. It took me a while to find him somebody who could see him for who he was and love him anyway - - I hope you love PJ and Seth's story as much as I loved writing it.

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