My Life as a Pop Album: A Rock Star, Road Trip Romance

My Life as a Pop Album: A Rock Star, Road Trip Romance

"What if you are my dream?"
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A heart-searing, road-trip romance between a charming rock star and a no-nonsense college grad.


Bookworm Mia Phillips is back home, trying to pretend she's got it all together while taking over the family car dealership. She’s an expert at hiding her guilt and the regrets she has over a man who never really loved her.

Derek Waters is spending the summer touring with his band and trying to forget everything he left behind. Falling head over heels for a small-town girl is completely out of the question, and yet a single dance with the enticingly sweet Mia has him scrambling for more time with her.

A spontaneous purchase at a charity auction means Derek has the perfect excuse to ask Mia to go on the road with him, and her guilty secret means she can’t say no.


It’s supposed to be a temporary arrangement. A few days, and then it’s done. But when the trip ends, will either be able to walk away without permanent damage to their hearts?

“He sounded like he looked. Sultry. Intoxicating. Bad Boy. Good Girl Mia was screaming in my head to back away from the boy.”

Inspired by Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Outloud,” this heartfelt, opposites-attract romance is the second book in the interconnected, standalone series.


Also available in the My Life as an Album series box set with exclusive content.

Release date: January 30, 2018

Publisher: LJ Evans Book

Print pages: 400

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Behind the book

Mia and Derek have my heart in many ways because they are like me (always trying to do the right thing and stay and invisible) and my hubby (who tries to pull my out of myself with laughter and love). I hope that you find something about these two people that you can connect with as well.

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