After All the Wreckage

After All the Wreckage

What if the future is already written?
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What if the future is already written?


When Rory Marlowe Bishop walks out of my past and into my bar, I realize she’s not just a kid anymore. Now she’s hell on wheels and a special kind of temptation. But I can’t afford the distraction, not with the responsibility I’ve inherited. I’m raising my two young siblings who have inherited the unexplainable family “gift” of premonitions that always seem to come true.

It’s safer to keep my distance from the enigmatic private investigator. Rory doesn’t need to be tangled up in my family drama. At least that’s what I tell myself until my brother goes missing…


Gage Palmer was the hero of my childhood, entering my life when I needed him most. A decade later, I’m instantly reminded of the teenage crush I never quite got over. But neither one of us can act on our growing feelings once he hires me to find his brother. I won’t stop until I help him uncover the truth. Not when I have the chance to reunite a family instead of breaking one.

Even if it means revealing secrets that could destroy us.

Even if it means our future is already written in the wreckage.

Release date: January 24, 2024

Publisher: That's What She Said

Print pages: 420

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