Royal Haze

Royal Haze

He was ready to torture, steal, and kill to defend his world. What he wasn’t prepared for…was her.
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The stunning conclusion to The Painted Daisies…

"I pledge allegiance to her and only her."

Singer and lead guitarist Nikki Rani will do whatever it takes to keep her mom and her band safe, even if it means keeping secrets about her friend's murder. She failed her loved ones once and won't be taken in again by a ridiculous story.

There are no fairy tales in her future. Especially not with a broody stranger who's more likely to offer heartache and pain than redemption. 

D'Angelo Castelli has been raised for a singular purpose―to protect the monarchy. He's dedicated two years to hunting the people trying to bring it down, and now he has mere days to retrieve the woman key to saving it all: Nikki Rani.

As the clock ticks down, D'Angelo makes one last desperate move to save his country and reveal a murderer. He thought he was prepared for everything. He was ready to torture, steal, and kill to defend the world he believed in. 

What he wasn't prepared for was her.

Release date: July 12, 2023

Publisher: LJ Evans Books

Print pages: 450

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Behind the book

With an all-female rock band and the alpha heroes who steal their hearts, this fast-paced, romantic suspense series might just leave you breathless.

SWEET MEMORY is a second-chance, opposite-sides-of-the-track romance. The world’s sweetest rock star falls for a troubled music producer whose past comes back to haunt them.

GREEN JEWEL is an enemies-to-lovers, single-dad romance. He did it. She’ll prove it. Her body’s reaction to him be damned.

CHERRY BRANDY is an opposites-attract, forbidden romance. Being on the run with only one bed is no excuse to touch her…until touching is the only choice.

BLUE MARGUERITE, a frenemy, second-chance, celebrity romance. She’ll never forgive him for humiliating her. Not even when he offers the answers her family desperately seeks.

ROYAL HAZE, the stunning conclusion to the series, is an antihero, secret-society romance. He was ready to torture, steal, and kill to defend the world he believed in. What he wasn’t prepared for…was her.

Each full-length novel has a different HEA couple and a completed suspense plot, but the series is best read from book one to keep track of the overarching murder mystery.

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