My Life as a Mixtape: A Single Dad, Rock Star Romance

My Life as a Mixtape: A Single Dad, Rock Star Romance

One mistake doesn't make you a failure.
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When a relationship-adverse guitarist is handed guardianship of his niece, he finds solace and help from an unexpected source.


Known as the comic relief and steadfast bachelor of the chart-topping band, Water Reflection, Lonnie Brennan is only in Tennessee to make sure their lead singer doesn’t get his heart stomped on. He has no intention of falling in love with the Southern charm of the town…or the sexy redhead whose problems are far too reminiscent of the childhood he escaped.


Wynn Nichols was always the stable friend guiding others. So how did she end up divorced, slinking home with disappointment and failure following her? The last thing she’s looking for is a new relationship, and certainly not one with a sexy musician who treats life like a series of jokes.


When Lonnie suddenly finds his tiny niece placed in his care and has no idea what to do with her, Wynn swoops in to help. They form an unlikely friendship that gets them through the darkest days of their lives.


Can they risk the relationship they need for the attraction that brews between them and a chance at a very unlikely happily ever after?


“I always saw relationships as a burden instead of a gift...until Wynn showed me the way.”


Inspired by Chris Janson’s “Drunk Girl,” this heart-searing, single-dad, slow-burn standalone is the fourth book in an interconnected, standalone series.


Also available in the My Life as an Album box set with exclusive content.

Start the interconnected, standalone series today.

Release date: November 13, 2018

Publisher: LJ Evans Book

Print pages: 443

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Behind the book

I'll never be able to look at sock monkeys and Twinkies the same again after writing this book.

I hope as Lonnie and Wynn realize it's never too late to start over that you find the strength to chase your dreams or for your own new beginning.

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