My Life as a Country Album: A Coming-of-Age, Boy-Next-Door Romance

My Life as a Country Album: A Coming-of-Age, Boy-Next-Door Romance

You were my only dream come true.
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From award-winning author LJ Evans comes an emotional, small-town, first-love romance between a feisty, dive queen and her football god of a neighbor…

“You were my only wish. My only dream come true. But what if I couldn’t keep you?”

Dive queen Cam Swayne refuses to give up on her destiny. For as long as she can remember, her heart has belonged to the dreamy boy-next-door. But despite their lifelong friendship, the three years separating them is an insurmountable hurdle for a high-school romance.

Until one summer night, when everything changes and Jake finally sees her for the woman she’s become.

Can Cam’s sheer determination keep them together when college, illness, and fate come calling? Or will she be left to pick up the pieces without him?

Inspired by Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again,” My Life as a Country Album is the first heartfelt standalone novel in the My Life as an Album series. If you like unforgettable connections, emotional journeys, and beautiful prose, then you just might adore LJ Evans’ bittersweet, diary-style tale.

Warning: tears may fall…

Also available in the My Life as an Album series box set with exclusive content.

Release date: April 17, 2017

Publisher: LJ Evans Book

Print pages: 407

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My Life as a Country Album: A Coming-of-Age, Boy-Next-Door Romance
LJ Evans
Sarah Puckett
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November 14, 1918
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Behind the book

When Taylor Swift's words inspired me to write this novel, I had no idea it would win awards, spawn an entire series, and draw people to me who saw themselves in the story with aching clarity.

It was just supposed to be a book about a girl who loved the boy next door with all her heart, lost him, and had to find her way in the world again.

I hope it moves you, as much as it moved me.

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