Loose Strands

Loose Strands

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A gripping thriller for fans of Jason Bourne, Mitch Rapp, and John Wick!

A senator's son is dead. Inhuman creatures roam the streets of Detroit, and William Strickland is armed and dangerous...

A disgraced reporter and former operative William Strickland are the only ones who can stop the carnage. But when GenTech takes this drastic next step towards world domination, can two people alone really stand in their way?

The action-packed follow up to Amazon's #1 Military Thriller, The Fog of Dreams!

If you like gripping suspense, military thrillers with just a hint of ten minutes in the future science fiction, the Operation: Harvest trilogy is right in your wheelhouse. Part Tom Clancy, part Lee Child, and all action, Loose Strands will hit all those high points with some intriguing added twists and turns.

Free the beast within by picking up Loose Strands today!

Release date: April 3, 2020

Publisher: Wolf's Head Publishing, LLC

Print pages: 326

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