Labyrinth of Shadows: A Greek Mythology Retelling

Labyrinth of Shadows: A Greek Mythology Retelling

Kyla Stone Founding author
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"I loved this re-telling, maybe more than the original myth!"
-Amazon reviewer


A hero sworn to slay the monster. A princess determined to save it. But only one can live...
They call me the cursed princess. Daughter of a tyrant king. Sister to the monster. For seven years, I've watched helplessly as my father sacrifices human tributes to the monster trapped within the dark maze.

When the queen begs me for help, I seize the chance to prove myself--to finally break the curse, rescue my brother, and transform him into his human form. But is there any humanity in him left to save? Or will he try to kill me, too?

Either way, I have to try. I must enter the Labyrinth myself, where darkness reigns and terror lurks...

To survive, I'll need the help of the tributes, especially brave, heroic Theseus. Determined to free his people from the terrible blood tithe, Theseus vows to slay the monster, no matter what.

But I won't let that happen.

And I can't let myself fall for Theseus's charms either. My quest may cost me everything, including my heart...

To save my brother, Theseus must die.

And I Darken meets Everneath in this haunting historical fantasy adventure based on Greek mythology. Perfect for fans of myths and legends, alternative histories, conflicted characters, and strong female heroines.

*Rated PG-13 for moderate, non-gory violence. No language and no steamy scenes.*

"I loved this re-telling, maybe more than the original myth!" -Amazon reviewer

"One action-packed, nail-biting, heart-pounding, pulse-racing, page-turning delight that keeps you on your toes and eyes glued to the pages!" -Amazon reviewer

"Drama, suspense and danger run rampant as tension spirals with every terror-filled step the characters take." -Goodreads reviewer

"Beautifully written and more than imaginative. I loved it." -Amazon reviewer

"A captivating re-telling of the Theseus and the Minotaur myth." -Amazon reviewer

"From the beginning, I was hooked and didn't want to stop reading. If you love historical mythologies you'll love this one." -Amazon reviewer

"You will love this fantasy read from the first page to the last. You won't want to put this book down." -Goodreads reviewer

"For those who love Greek mythology, Stone takes a well-known myth and spins it into a dark, haunting and beautiful story filled with characters with real flaws, the greatest love story, and brief glances into other myths that are slowly spinning into existence. This plot-driven story keeps you guessing right to the last sentence!" -Goodreads reviewer

"Gritty and haunting and will linger in your mind for days." -Amazon reviewer

"Five stars! The author sticks true to Greek mythology and has amazing characters and an amazing story to show for it. Well-researched and action-packed!" -Amazon reviewer

"I highly recommend this book for those who love mythology." -Goodreads reviewer

"I loved the way this myth was turned on its head, I loved the way that we are taken into the Labyrinth and get to know the other tributes sent there other than Theseus...I loved everything about this book!" -Amazon reviewer

"This book blew me away!" -Amazon reviewer

"This story, and Ariadne's personal journey, is extremely engrossing (I read it in one day) and full of action, suspense, and compassion." -Amazon reviewer

"A captivating tale of the human spirit and what people are capable of; good and evil. I would highly recommend this book to ANYBODY!" -Goodreads reviewer

Release date: October 14, 2018

Publisher: Paper Moon Press

Print pages: 392

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