Depths Awakened

Depths Awakened

They swore off love to protect their hearts. But their love was too hard to deny.
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“I literally couldn’t put this book down, and the way this author writes is beautiful and has you truly invested in the story.”
“This slow-build romance is a joy to watch unfold.”
Mel Walker
Romance Author


Loss guarded their hearts, and only love would tear down their walls.


Magdalena Bishop held her heart close and her loved ones closer. After losing her mother, structure defined her life. Hugs and sentiments held more significance. Time with her father was more precious. Until her world was flipped upside down once more.


With the love and support of her friends, Magdalena was ready to explore life outside the confines of her home. She was ready to move forward. Little did she know, a girls’ night out would change everything.


Geoffrey Lawson evaded love at every turn. Life was cruel and had ripped love from his arms early on. Tore it to shreds before his eyes. And he refused to experience agony again. Refused to not be in control.


For his own sanity, women were a beautiful distraction. The perfect distraction. A means to a biological end. Nothing more. Until he laid eyes on her.


Two hearts locked away, but only one held the key to let love in. A magnetic attraction. An undeniable connection. A love struggling to survive.

Release date: October 9, 2019

Publisher: Between Words Publishing LLC

Print pages: 272

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