The Returned Dragon

The Returned Dragon

D.K. Holmberg Founding author
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Ashan must find strength from more than his cycle to stop the king.

Ashan has saved his homeland, but the threat from the king—along with Ashan's mentor—remains. The price for saving Berestal was high. His once recovered brother is now debilitated again, while his sister struggles to connect to Affelah, leaving Ashan to wonder what path he should take.

When the king threatens the Wilds, Ashan must discover the truth of a land long ignored, as it might be the key to stopping the king and the spread of the dangerous power of the murtar. He must discover more than the cycle of dragons and the power of Affelah to find the power of the true Servant before all is lost.

Release date: January 4, 2022

Publisher: ASH Publishing

Print pages: 250

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