The Forever Ship

The Forever Ship

Scott Bartlett Founding author
Starship Omega is our only hope.
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Only Omega can free humanity.

When the Ornu came, they took Earth in a single night. Humanity never stood a chance. Now, they force us to crew their ships and fight their wars for them. They hold Earth hostage, and if we refuse to do their bidding, they’ll lay waste to our precious blue marble. Slaughtering the billions who live there.

But when Captain Bill Henderson is sent to claim a small moon for his masters, he finds something they never accounted for. An ancient warship – a behemoth abandoned for millennia by a species that reached its peak at the dawn of the universe.

Could this ship of ages be exactly what humanity needs to cast off the shackles of their oppressors? Find out in Book 1 of Starship Omega, an engrossing new military sci fi saga from bestselling authors Scott Bartlett and Joshua James.

Release date: May 22, 2024

Publisher: Mirth Publishing

Print pages: 517

Content advisory: Violence

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