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Sci-fi packed with action and cool tech. Newfoundland, Canada
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Scott Bartlett writes his books from inside a mech, which is inside the hangar bay of a light armored cruiser stationed just past Jupiter.

Certain parts of the last sentence may not be completely true. Here are some more believable statements:

Scott was born in St. John's, Newfoundland, the easternmost province of Canada.

During his decade-long journey to become a full-time author, he supported himself by working an assortment of jobs...

...salmon hatchery technician, grocery clerk, youth care worker, ghostwriter, research assistant, pita maker, and freelance editor.

In 2014, he succeeded in becoming a full-time novelist, and he's been writing science fiction at light speed ever since.

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Genres: Science FictionAlien InvasionMilitary Sci-FiSpace ExplorationSpace MarinesSpace Opera

Books by Scott Bartlett

Ixan Legacy
Mech Wars
The Ixan Prophecies
After the Galaxy
Fleet Ops
Scott Bartlett Space Opera Box Sets

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