Spacers: Fleet Action

Spacers: Fleet Action

Book 7: Spacers
Scott Bartlett Founding author
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The war they'd all feared

The star cluster's super-powers tried to make peace last. Truly, they did. But everyone knew war between Ascendant Horizon and the Coalition of Giants was inevitable.

Saddled with an alliance that seems to struggle with the basics of space warfare, Captain Thatcher must fall back on his tactical prowess - along with the steadfastness of the crews under his command - just to keep his people alive.

But an enemy lurks around every corner, and there is dissension even in Thatcher's fleet. What's more, he knows there are only two ways this war can end.

In victory, or in total defeat.

Release date: February 28, 2022

Publisher: Mirth Publishing

Print pages: 270

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