Book 2: Fleet Ops
Scott Bartlett Founding author
Joshua James Founding author
Trapped in a pocket universe. A desperate counterstrike is their only hope.
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Trapped in a pocket universe…

After barely surviving the Brood’s first vicious assault, the battered human battle group must now take the fight to the enemy’s home systems.

Defeat is not an option. If Captain Husher and Admiral Iver can’t lead their people to victory, not only will those in the battle group perish – so will all of humanity.

A desperate counterstrike is their only hope.

Release date: September 13, 2020

Publisher: Mirth Publishing

Print pages: 300

Reader says this book is...: action-packed (1) alien worlds (1) cool gadgets & tech (1) entertaining story (1) escapist/easy read (1) future societies (1) great world-building (1) military clashes (1) realistic characters (1) rich setting(s) (1) satisfying ending (1) terrific writing (1) thought-provoking (1) unexpected twists (1) unputdownable (1)

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