Santa Grint

Santa Grint

Book 0: The Time Police
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Expect Christmas chaos in this year's festive short story from Jodi Taylor, set in the world of the Time Police for the first time.

It all begins when the Time Police hold their first Children's Christmas Party. Their most dangerous mission yet . . .

No good deed ever goes unpunished. Lt Grint succumbs to his softer side and soon lives to regret it. The combination of bubble universes, candy floss, a small boy, a toad named Mr Fluffy, Mount Fanboten, £6.5 million, and a love-struck Officer Lockland are all hard enough to believe, but imagine a situation so dire that only Officer Parrish can save the aforementioned Grint from a lengthy stay in prison. At least, he can - but will he?

And, most unlikely of all, has Commander Hay's long-suffering adjutant finally experienced the first faint stirrings of romance? Is such a thing even possible?

(P) 2022 Headline Publishing Group Ltd

Release date: December 25, 2022

Publisher: Headline

Print pages: 320

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