Ravagers 2

Ravagers 2

Book 2: The Ravager War
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Ten Years Later

Incensed by the failed Operation Tuhrelevim and unwilling to let the planet slip through his grasp, the ruthless Enginsan Adelpa plans a final attack to rid the landscape of Ravagers once and for all.

Building an ideal vacation destination isn’t his only motivation. The need for revenge drives him too, and he goes so far as to abduct the lead saboteur of Operation Tuhrelevim—now-retired Captain Nev—and leave him for dead in Ravager territory.

Except Nev survived the planet once before.

Without the burdens of the military constraints, he’ll do anything to get back to his wife. First, though, he’ll have to evade thousands of heavily armed mercenaries equally as greedy and determined as their employer.

He’ll also have to get around the millions of highly intelligent beasts that have somehow endured salvos of ordnance. He can only assume they are plotting an offensive of their own.

Release date: July 22, 2022

Publisher: C.A. Gleason

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Ravagers 2
C.A. Gleason
Adam Verner
95.2 MB
May 23, 2023
C.A. Gleason




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