Hidden away, buried for centuries. Until now.

Deep in space, the inhabitants of Planet Home regularly dig up broken-down relics of war, but this time they’ve discovered something different: a map with a cryptic destination. The location is meant to be found, but only few people know about it—including Royah.

As the town she lives in is becoming increasingly dangerous every day, while the only food source inexplicably dying out, someone must go east. The map likely holds secrets that will help them survive. Royah decides the quest will be hers.

Maybe she can discover why humans were sent to the planet in the first place. Maybe she can save her mom. Maybe she can save the entire human race.

Release date: June 14, 2021

Publisher: C.A. Gleason

Print pages: 185

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C.A. Gleason
John Pirhalla
155.66 MB
July 19, 2021
C.A. Gleason




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