Her greatest ally remains at her side. But is he the enemy?
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Trekking across the war-scorched Planet Home on their quest to battle extinction, Royah has gained allies, including the giant of a man known—and feared—as Onnin.

Royah is fortunate to have the giant on her side as they are being stalked by many dangerous enemies. Trigger-happy savages, madmen, and even cannibals litter the landscape.

When they suddenly find themselves within an inescapable machine from the past, they quickly realize it is no ordinary relic. It is a vile contraption, meant for sadistic purposes, and guarded by a stranger who knows of Onnin’s past. Royah soon learns her strongest ally isn’t as he seems.

No longer worried about whether they will continue the quest or even escape the trap, all thoughts turn to how quickly they will die. Only Onnin, with his impossible strength and natural battle instincts, can free them.

The question is, will he?

Release date: June 28, 2021

Publisher: C.A. Gleason

Print pages: 164

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