Rookie Salvo

Rookie Salvo

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Wield the past. Forge the future.

Amnesiacs awaken on an uncharted planet at the edge of the universe. After the survivors band together, the brave ones explore the wintry world, desperate to find a way off the planet. The few who manage to come back alive describe creatures in the darkness.

When the newest rookie appears, some hope he’ll finally be the one to get them home, wherever home might be. Rookie’s a natural leader. Once he joins the fight, it becomes clear that war forged his past. He might be the hero they’ve all been waiting for.

But Rookie learns there might not be a home planet to go back to. Even worse, they were apparently chosen for this world. To his horror, they have all been trapped here, where they will spend the rest of their lives battling against an infinite army.

Release date: June 23, 2023

Publisher: C.A. Gleason

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