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I’ve had multiple jobs since I began working (and writing) at age thirteen, including serving my country. If the young man I was—who craved adventure—learned he would wear a uniform and go on missions to [REDACTED] someday, he would have gone wide-eyed.

These days I live the quiet life and only fictionalize such experiences. I write while attempting to evade the two Bengal cats that prowl my house. My girlfriend’s superpower is invisibility, so the mission of the devious two-feline team is to stack outside my office door and attempt a breach on a daily basis.

They must want me to defect to their side, to shrink down and become a fellow cat to play with. I try to explain I’m a human and my objective is to remain in my office to do author stuff, but they don’t care.

Genres: HorrorAction & AdventureMilitary Sci-FiPost-Apocalyptic sci-fiSci-fi Action & AdventureSpace Marines

Books by C.A. Gleason

The Ravager War
The Planet Home Trilogy

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