• The Mauler: The Ravager War Prequel
  • The Mauler
  • The Ravager War: The Complete Series
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TUHRELEVIM—the initials of those integrally involved in discovering the planet and planning its colonization. Many more than just those ten were involved. Tens of thousands, in fact.

Thanks to their efforts to highlight what occurs naturally, Tuhrelevim has a breathable atmosphere, plentiful water sources, beautiful landscapes, and flourishing wildlife, just like on Earth.

And for the humans, therein lies the problem…

Captain Nev and his squad, who are tasked with locating missing soldiers, suddenly find themselves at war with the fierce beasts. As they desperately fight for survival against this cunning, brutal, and relentless enemy, the devastating secrets of their mission are revealed.


The Mauler (The Ravager War Prequel)

Ravagers (The Ravager War Book 1)

Ravagers 2 (The Ravager War Book 2)

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The Ravager War
C.A. Gleason
Adam Verner,
John Pirhalla
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July 23, 2023
C.A. Gleason




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