Punching Tickets: Book Five in The Mad Mick Series

Punching Tickets: Book Five in The Mad Mick Series

Franklin Horton Founding author
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In his last mission, Conor Maguire was called back into action by his handler, Ricardo, to go after a man who helped facilitate the terror attacks that devastated America. The intelligence garnered in that operation exposed a network of traitors within the American government—officials who had advance warning of the attacks and did nothing to alert the American people. Worse yet, they sought to take advantage of the situation, seeing it as an opportunity to further their own vision of government.

When Ricardo next pays Conor a visit, it's at the behest of a shadowy collective of patriots determined to purge the government of those who sold out the nation. It should have been a simple mission, a short trip to "punch tickets" in the way that Conor had successfully done hundreds of times around the world.

But nothing in this mission will be simple. Conor and his team find themselves thwarted or compromised at every turn. They're pushed to the edge physically and emotionally. When the dust finally settles, their world will be entirely different, the path ahead more uncertain than ever.

Release date: March 4, 2021

Print pages: 356

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