Hard Trauma

Hard Trauma

Book 1: Ty Stone
Franklin Horton Founding author
Ty Stone never wanted to be anything but a soldier.
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While in Afghanistan, an operation under his command goes horribly wrong, ending his military career. Ty is thrust back into civilian life, stuck working as a security guard at a truck stop. To make matters worse, he struggles every day with the demons that followed him home from the war.

His new job is routine, even boring, until a young girl is abducted while he’s on duty. Ty can’t let the case go, even when law enforcement insists he leave the investigation to the professionals.

Ty doesn’t listen.

He cannot listen.

His gut tells him that the investigators are going down the wrong road and with every minute they waste, the girl slips farther away. Unable to accept that outcome, Ty risks it all for this new mission. He knows that somehow their fates are inextricably bound. If he can save her, then somehow he might just be able to save himself.

Release date: May 8, 2020

Publisher: Independently published

Print pages: 296

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