Blood and Banjos: Book Eight in The Borrowed World Series

Blood and Banjos: Book Eight in The Borrowed World Series

Franklin Horton Founding author
Two men. Two life-altering decisions. One epic journey.
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In this eighth installment in the bestselling Borrowed World series, Jim Powell is convinced that his presence in the valley is putting his friends and family in danger. Hoping to buy them some time, he increases the security at his home, then sets off on a trip to allow the situation in his community to cool off. As much as he hates the idea, he also intends to scout out a location to fall back to if his people get driven from their homes.


Frustrated by the constant tension and violence, his best friend Lloyd joins him. Though Jim initially welcomes the company, Lloyd spends his day writing folk ballads about his friend’s body count and bad decisions.


Both men struggle with how best to confront their changing world. Both are desperate for a solution that will give them peace. Jim ultimately wants control of his surroundings, but doesn’t want the responsibility. Lloyd wants to lay down his gun and return to the life of a performing musician. In his own way, each man will find that some truths are inescapable. While their collapsed world still allows them free will, there will be no peace and there is no escape from the violence.

Release date: November 25, 2020

Print pages: 436

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