The Mad Mick

The Mad Mick

Franklin Horton Founding author
When the justice system failed him, Conor -- the son and grandson of IRA bombers -- retaliated.
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“Rock-solid characters, buzz-saw action and backstories deserving of books of their own. Amazing...”

For a hardened assassin and his snarky daughter, navigating the apocalypse is little more than business as usual. They have food, weapons, top-notch gear, and connections in the darkest holes of the special operations community. Just don't cross them because hell hath no fury like the Maguires.

Conor Maguire nearly lost his daughter when she was three years old, injured by the drunk driver who killed his wife. When the justice system failed him, Conor  retaliated against the driver in dramatic and gruesome fashion.

An ironclad alibi prevented the police from pinning the murder on Conor. His actions didn't go unnoticed though. A covert agency within the US government recuited the talented young bomber and machinist. For over twenty-five years, Conor designed and built custom weapons of death and destruction at his secluded compound in the mountains of Virginia.

When a series of devastating terror attacks brought down the United States, Conor and Barb assumed they were safe in their compound. They had everything they needed. They were armed and highly-trained. Then Barb was kidnapped.

The kidnappers didn’t know why Conor was known as The Mad Mick. They didn’t know the fear and respect his name invoked in the shadowy underworld of covert operations. They didn’t know that when it came to protecting his family, he was without conscience, without compassion, and without equal.

But they would soon find out.

Release date: October 12, 2018

Publisher: Independently published

Print pages: 234

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