Path to the Chosen Redeemer: A high-action, fast-paced, Young Adult Chosen One fantasy box set

Path to the Chosen Redeemer: A high-action, fast-paced, Young Adult Chosen One fantasy box set

The path to Aeris's Chosen Redeemer is long and fraught with danger.
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Keywords: Christian Fantasyya fantasyMG fantasy

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Slavery or death.

Those are everybody's fate if the Dark Man rules Aeris.

The Chosen Redeemer can turn the tide but not without great cost.

Before any of this can happen, she must live long enough to fulfill the prophecy.

Daniel and Marina would gladly fight and die to thwart the Dark Man's plans, but are they willing to sacrifice their only child to save the world?


This high-action, fast-paced, Young Adult Chosen One fantasy box set contains River's Edge Ransom, the Aeris Legends trilogy, and the Redeemer Chronicles trilogy. All titles are available on audiobook or will be very soon.


Book 1 River's Edge Ransom: Marina desperately wants to save some villagers from a deadly disease.

Book 2 The Huntsman and the Healer: A dangerous secret draws Marina Castaloni and Daniel Saveron together.

Book 3 The Dark Man's Wrath: The Dark Man threatens Marina in a bid to control Daniel.

Book 4 The Lady's Grace: The Dark Man's attention turns to destroying Daniel and Marina's daughter, Victoria.

Book 5 Awakening: Vic discovers her powers, her gift, and her calling.

Book 6 The Holy War: Vic and company race to stop an all–out war between the two magical races.

Book 7 Reclaim the Darklands: One by one, Vic's family and friends are captured by the Dark Man's minions to force her submission.

Release date: March 6, 2021

Publisher: Julie C. Gilbert

Print pages: 1014

Content advisory: none

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Behind the book

I don't have a paperback version of this. If you're looking for paperback, you'd want to grab Aeris Legends 1-3 and Redeemer Chronicles 1-3. River's Edge Ransom was always too tiny for paperback.
All are available on audiobook. However, you'd need to buy them separately:

River's Edge Ransom, Aeris Legends 1-3, and Redeemer Chronicles 1-3.

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