Special Agent Megan Luchek Case Files 1-10: High-Action, Light Humor, Fast-Paced Mystery Box Set Featuring FBI Agents and Assassins

Special Agent Megan Luchek Case Files 1-10: High-Action, Light Humor, Fast-Paced Mystery Box Set Featuring FBI Agents and Assassins

Megan Luchek tangles with several different flavors of crazy people.
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She doesn't look for trouble, but it finds her anyway.

Special Agent Megan Luchek loves her job. She's also very good at it. That attracts entirely the wrong sort of attention.

Whether facing an individual criminal or an entire organization, she lives by the FBI's motto: Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity. She also keeps friends who fall on the wrong side of crazy and come with their own troubles. 


This high-action, light humor, fast-paced mystery/thriller box set contains the first ten novellas. These stories are also available singly and in other combinations: Shadow Council (1-4), Eagle Eyes (5-7), and Cyber League Crimes (8-10). All are available as ebooks and paperbacks. The first two collections are available on audiobook. Cyber League Crimes should enter audiobook production late spring 2021.


Shadow Council:

Case 1 Money Makes it Deadlier: Agent Luchek's first encounter with the Shadow Council. A routine bank investigation goes terribly wrong.

Case 2 Revenge Makes it Sweeter: A dying man's wish sends Megan on a frantic quest to keep a young girl from being murdered.

Case 3 Christmas Makes it Chaos: The agent teams up with a deadly assassin to investigate rumors that there's a pending terrorist assault ready to explode right around Christmas.

Case 4 Treachery Makes it Tense: A man bent on revenge plays a dangerous game with Megan and the assassin.


Eagle Eyes:

Case 5 Violence in Vegas: Agent Luchek travels to Las Vegas, Nevada to help a friend and runs straight into high-tech horror and human trafficking.

Case 6 Rescue in Reno: When a friend's husband disappears, Megan turns to an eccentric billionaire and his crazy invention for help.

Case 7 Danger in Dallas: Megan rounds out her state-side vacation with a trip down to the Lone Star State. The cushy hotel review gig quickly changes into a fight for her life.


Cyber League Crimes:

Case 8 The Popularity Contest: Megan's sister is among the first snatched to star in the Club's latest effort to monetize online gambling with a deadly twist.

Case 9 The Hero Contest: Megan becomes the Club's primary target.

Case 10 The Criminal Contest: There's a price on Megan's head. The Club wants Megan captured, and they'll threaten anybody to accomplish it.

Release date: February 28, 2021

Publisher: Julie C. Gilbert

Print pages: 965

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Behind the book

This contains all 10 of the Megan Luchek novellas. They're available on audio and were performed by Liz Brand. (She's amazing.)
No combo paperback ... it's too  big.

If you prefer paperback you'd need Shadow Council, Eagle Eyes, and Cyber League Crimes.

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