Julie C. Gilbert

Writer. Teacher. Believer. New Jersey
About the author

Julie C. Gilbert is a multi-genre writer, a high school chemistry teacher, and an audiobook lover. She writes about FBI agents, kidnapping, genetically altered kids, writing, teaching, and anything else that strikes her fancy at the moment. Her Christian inspirational poetry songs can be found on almost any streaming service. She enjoys long walks and hot tea.

Genres: MysteryChristian FictionChristian SuspenseFemale SleuthsMystery Anthologies & CollectionsYA Science Fiction

Books by Julie C. Gilbert

Guardian Angel Files
Redeemer Chronicles
Made to Praise
Shadow Council Series
Princess Melia's Plight Comics
Aeris Legends
Devya's Children Books 1-4: Ashlynn's Dreams, Nadia's Tears, Malia's Miracles, Varick's Quest: An Action-Packed Young Adult Science Fiction Boxed Set Featuring Genetically Altered Children
Cyber League Crimes
Anotech Chronicles
Eagle Eyes
Heartfelt Cases

Behind the books

Heartfelt Cases: Christian mystery featuring  FBI agents; wanted to write about a kidnapping

Megan Luchek: mystery/thriller featuring a female FBI agent; wanted to write about a kidnapping

Scratched Off: mystery/ thriller featuring a male FBI agent; wanted to write about a kidnapping

Beyond Broken Pencils: wanted to write about a school shooting

Devya's Children: YA scifi; wanted to write about a kidnapping

Guardian Angel Files: YA Christian fantasy; started with the notion of how many things have to happen to meet somebody in a grocery store.

Anotech Chronicles: my foray into epic scifi; didn't specifically set out to write a kidnapping, promise

Path to the Chosen Redeemer: encompasses both Aeris Legends and Redeemer Chronicles trilogies as well as River's Edge Ransom.

Made to Praise: my collection of Christian inspirational poetry; also songs found on nearly all streaming services

Princess Melia's Plight - ebook as well as graphic novel; short fantasy with a dash of dragons

The Golden City Captives - short fantasy being turned into a cool screenplay

5 Steps Series: nonfiction books dealing with writing and teaching

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