A Montague & Strong Short Story Collection : Stories 4-6

A Montague & Strong Short Story Collection : Stories 4-6

When your hellhound needs training, you hire the best trainer for the job…Death. Failure is not an option.
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The Montague & Strong Detective Agency - Short Stories 4, 5, 6.


                                          SHORT STORY 4


When your hellhound needs training, you hire the best trainer for the job…Death.


While in London, Peaches, Simon’s faithful hellhound manages to grow to the size of a small bus, shocking Monty & Simon with his new transformation. Realizing the danger of a Peaches XL, the Montague & Strong Detective Agency take steps to control these growth spurts. They acquire a special collar to regulate the size shifts, but it’s not working. The situation is growing out of control…literally.

Equipped with teleportation, eye-beams, impervious skin, and an insatiable appetite for sausage the time has come to train Peaches. There’s only one problem—no one wants to train a hellhound. Running out of options, Simon finally discovers someone willing to take on the task…Ezra the personification of Death and trainer of Cerberus, Peaches’ father.

Now with Death as his trainer, Peaches and Simon must undergo extensive hellhound obedience training. If they fail, they’ll discover that there is a fate worse than Death. Will Peaches learn to control his abilities? Will he outgrow the situation and destroy the training facility? Will he ever get enough sausage?

Join Simon as he learns that a dog may be man’s best friend, but a hellhound’s love can dwarf any obstacle.



                                          SHORT STORY 5


Some things are better off lost and some mysteries shouldn’t be solved. 

When Tristan receives a cryptic message requesting help, he and Simon must come to the aid of Quan of the White Phoenix. Someone has stolen the Holy Grail and the Order of Calyx--the group tasked with keeping it safe from abuse, and humanity is looking at the Golden Circle.

With time running out, Tristan and Simon must find the Cup, return it where it belongs, and confront the thief, who is closer than anyone imagines, before the Order mobilizes and destroys the Golden Circle.


                                          SHORT STORY 6


Hope springs eternal—even in the darkest moments.

When the Montague & Strong Detective Agency gets a visit from the Arctic Society of Sorcery to help them find a missing person, they realize the person they’ve been tasked with locating is the legendary Mr. K.-a mage known for his famous Ritual of Esper which occurs only once every fifty years.

The Arctic Society of Sorcery suspects the Greater Krampus, Wrakjan, is behind the abduction, in an effort to sabotage the ritual and unleash a wave of despair and triggering the Gloom.

With only a week to complete the ritual, Monty & Strong have little time to find Mr. K and no clue where to start the search. Fortunately, Cece, a Jotnar Ice Mage and Monty’s young apprentice, may have the key to the location of Mr. K.

Together they must locate and rescue Mr. K before time runs out, and stop Wrakjan from corrupting the ritual, and plunging the world into darkness.

Failure is not an option.



Release date: January 27, 2021

Publisher: Bitten Peaches Publishing

Print pages: 175

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A Montague & Strong Short Story Collection : Stories 4-6
Kevin T. Collins
4 hrs and 18 mins
May 12, 2021
Bitten Peaches Publishing Inc.




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