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Simon’s past has returned and it wants him dead.

Esti, a psychotic Blood Hunter is looking to settle a debt. Rejected by the Blood Hunters, she’s joined another group of vampire killers.

The Heretics of the Sanguinary Order.

The Sanguinary Order have given Esti control of an ancient creature—a creature designed to negate magic—along with a stolen weapon designed to kill immortals.

When Esti joins with Dira--a successor who lives to kill the Marked of Kali--she plans to destroy Simon Strong, filling his life with agony, before she ends him.

Now, together with Monty, Simon must find a way to stop a group of fanatical killers intent on his destruction, without help from Kali, the goddess who created this mess in the first place.


Release date: April 28, 2024

Publisher: Bitten Peaches Publishing Inc.

Print pages: 233

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