Dragons & Demigods

Dragons & Demigods

Revenge is a dish best served cold … unless dragons are involved. Then make it hot, flaming hot.
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Revenge is a dish best served cold…unless dragons are involved. Then make it hot, flaming hot.

George Rott wants revenge. After the death of his daughter, Cassandra, he vowed to find and destroy all the dragons. When he locates one of their hidden enclaves within the city, he enlists the help of an angry and unstable demigod to make them all pay.

If he launches an attack, he risks angering the dragons, plunging the city into an all-out war, and getting the unwanted attention of powerful gods. Now Simon, with Tristan’s help must find and stop George before he turns the city into his personal battlefield, killing them all.

Will Tristan and Simon find George in time? Will they avoid becoming dragon dinner?

Join Montague & Strong in a thrilling adventure as they face off against dragons, demigods, and a father’s thirst for revenge!

Release date: June 17, 2018

Publisher: Bitten Peaches Publishing Inc.

Print pages: 313

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