The Stray Dogs

The Stray Dogs

Some laws are meant to be bent, some ignored, and some…are meant to be shattered.
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In mage society, there are laws and those willing to break them. When laws can no longer be enforced, when there’s no hope—there’s only one answer.

The Treadwell Supernatural Directive.

Unofficially known as The Stray Dogs—Sebastian Treadwell and his group of operatives, will step into the dark corners of the magical underworld, dealing with those who believe themselves untouchable.

When a young mage is killed by Umbra—an organization of dark mages intent on stripping mages of their power, The Stray Dogs are the only group willing to stand against them.

Now, Sebastian together with the Directive, will step into a world other mages fear to face. They will uncover the darkness that feeds off the corruption of power, exposing it to the light, and the jaws of justice.

Once the Stray Dogs are on a mission, they are relentless.

Even if the cost is their life.

Release date: September 17, 2023

Publisher: Bitten Peaches Publishing Inc.

Print pages: 273

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