Fated Fury

Fated Fury

Sometimes the safest place is in the midst of danger.
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Darkmages die.

Everyone knew this.

Everyone accepted it…except her.

Meet Valentina, the last member of the Forza bloodline, a darkmage and granddaughter of Alfonse Forza—one of the most powerful and infamous Darkmages to walk the earth.

Until he disappeared without a trace.

When the Eclipse—the cursed blade of Alfonse Forza—is stolen and the group of Directorate mages guarding it, murdered, Valentina, the last Forza heir, is tasked with recovering the blade—or die trying.

There are a few complications.

The last known location of the Eclipse was inside the Mage Directorate Headquarters. She must now infiltrate the Directorate as an apprentice mage, locate the missing Eclipse, and somehow stop the murderer before he strikes again. 

Everything was going as planned, until her plan ran into Xander Ashford, another apprentice and her new mage partner in the Directorate.

Now, Valentina must evade Xander’s attentions without being discovered by Inquisitor Emery, the lead mage who controls a relentless group of mage enforcers who follow only one law when it comes to darkmages.

Darkmages die.

Release date: June 5, 2024

Publisher: Bitten Peaches Publishing Inc.

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