Shadow Queen

Shadow Queen

Beauty is only skin deep, but evil goes down to the core.
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In order to fulfill his blood debt to Heka and the Wordweavers, Sebastian needs the Sacred Amethyst—an artifact of immense magical power capable of shifting a mage to Archmage.

To get it, he must acquire the gem from Maledicta, a darkmage group of assassins led by Calum Kers, a pyromancer who will destroy anyone who stands in his way.

Starting with the Treadwell Supernatural Directive.

Maledicta has targeted the Directive as a threat that needs to be removed.

There’s only one complication.

Calum and Maledicta no longer possess the amethyst, the Shadow Queen does.

Sebastian believes the Shadow Queen is really Regina Clark.

Regina Clark is beautiful, intelligent, ruthless, and deadly. An ex-member of the Treadwell Supernatural Directive, she and Sebastian share decades of history…good and bad.

Mostly bad.

As a world-class thief and darkmage, she seeks power—the power of the Sacred Amethyst. She will do everything in her power to obtain the Amethyst, even if it means betraying Sebastian and letting him fall to Calum and Maledicta.

Now, Sebastian must face Regina, retake the amethyst, and stop Maledicta before the Directive is destroyed, and Regina escapes with millions and a priceless artifact.

Release date: December 31, 2023

Publisher: Bitten Peaches Publishing Inc.

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