Christmas comes but once a year ? so get into the mood with this fantastic feast of festive tales. Comfort and Joy by Christina Jones After a dear old friend is taken into a nursing home, the remaining occupants of The Terrace expect their new neighbour to keep high standards. When single mother Holly and baby Star move in just days before Christmas, how much of a festive welcome will they receive? A Christmas Murder by Marsali Taylor When a dummy dressed as Santa is tied to the roof of Earl Patrick?s castle, everyone in town sees it as a yule time prank. But when something dead-looking bumps up against the hull of the Khalida in the middle of the night, the season takes a sinister turn. Santa Lives by Tricia Maw With her children at their father?s for Christmas, Tessa Stanton unsuspectingly finds herself in the most iconic romantic situation: girl meets naked boy with a Santa costume at the laundrette. No Smoke Without Fire by Bill Kitson Two seemingly closed-case crimes are reopened when fourteen year old Lauren finds a connection between them through some supernatural guidance. The Proof of The Pudding by Jane Wenham-Jones As winter comes around, a family is reminded that a traditional Christmas pudding is a magical thing. The brandy-coated raisins are as sweet and long-lasting as the memories they inspire. What The Dickens! by Caroline Dunford When Bertram comes to the Mullers? estate for Christmas, everyone fears his bad mood might ruin the festivities. But after a ghostly prank goes awry, resulting in the disappearance of little Amelia, things suddenly get put into perspective. Merry Christmas Everyone by Jane Risdon Twister are losing their way ? between spending another Christmas away from their families and working on an uninspiring album, the band are on the brink of breaking up. It will take a ghost of Christmas past to save them now. Family Matters by Jane Jackson Jess has changed a lot in thirty years, and so has Tom. When Christmas comes around with all its planned commitments and unexpected guests, will these two old flames find the time to give true love another chance?

Release date: February 16, 2015

Publisher: Accent Press

Print pages: 210

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