• The Welsh Knight: Knight Magick 2

The Welsh Knight: Knight Magick 2


This is a fast paced story that has humor, heartbreak, family, friends, a battle, and above all love.
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I love books that are different, it seems I am reading a lot of books that everything is pretty much the same but the characters names. This book my have some familiar characters names, but the story is very different. It was interesting, surprising and quite good.
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THE WELSH KNIGHT by Candace Sams
Book Two in Candace Sams' Knight Magick series.

The Welsh Knight

Macsen Rhys is a man of honor. He has lived for centuries, and has known greatness. He has fought enemies the width and breadth of England, and in parts of the world that no longer exist. Today, he still protects truth and light.

There is one thing Mac has never encountered before. Her name is Frankie Radcliffe, and she's a force of nature who is every bit as dauntless as the Texas hurricane that changed her into an immortal.

Mac and Frankie might be new partners, but they must find common ground to fight a very old enemy.

Morgan LeFey is coming back to England. What the Whore of Camelot started in the 5th century, she means to finish in modern day England.

For the moment, only two immortals can stand in Morgan's way. For now, one Welshman and one American guard the watchtowers of the north from insidious evil.

It has long been said that when two steadfast hearts stand together, nothing can break their bond.
Nothing...but betrayal.

Release date: January 26, 2018

Publisher: Candace Sams

Print pages: 356

Content advisory: Very little sexual content. Rated PG. Content heavy with Action/Adventure Romantic Elements

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Behind the book

A Welsh immortal fights alongside an American immortal. They're seeking control of ancient Celtic powers that can destroy the world.

This is the second book in the Knight Magick series about contemporary immortals living in our world; they're trying to stay hidden while keeping humanity safe.

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