Miss Matched

Miss Matched

A lonely witch enters a contest to win a mate. Sometimes you should be careful what you ask for...
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This book is a fun easy read. It captures the imagination. The writer does a great job, as always.
Suzanne Henson
Amazon Reviewer
For those who like Halloween no matter what time of the year or just like a short fun read.
C. Roberts
Amazon Reviewer
I enjoyed reading this. It came at a time I needed something good in my life. This story cheered me and made me happy. What more could I ask for?
Amazon Reviewer


In a world of enchantment, where reality is suspended...the Halloween season starts normal enough until a drastic, last-minute choice is made.

A young witch named Kate Cauldron decides that life alone is no life at all.
She impulsively enters a magical, paranormal contest called The Pumpkin Walk. All to let Fate decide her forever mate.

"Stars! He's so...green."

Kate finds herself mated to an impressive Goblin and he's hers for the rest of eternity. Belches, burps and all, he's hers for life. Whether she wants him or not!

Wizards, magicians, sorceresses and Halloween...spells, black cats, bats, cauldrons and ghosts. A full moon and starry nights.
Everything that goes with this mystic time of year is offered in this seasonal fantasy. It's the most unusual Halloween you can imagine. Everything magical is about to happen.

For one witch, a great adventure unfolds. Fate not only matches her with the last man she ever expected, but she must fight a very dangerous enemy in pursuit of happiness.

Rating: sweet and fun
An All Hallow's Eve short story

Release date: October 27, 2020

Publisher: Candace Sams

Print pages: 84

Content advisory: Suggested sexual scenes, cozy Halloween fun short story

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Behind the book

A lonely young witch decides to enter a contest to win the man of her dreams.

When he turns out to be a Bocan (a sort of goblin) she must - by the rules - accept him as her mate for life.

Sometimes, we can make a wish and get exactly what we need! 

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