Sorcerer's Apprentice

Sorcerer's Apprentice

A woman seeking magical power travels to a distant planet to train with a dangerous, reclusive wizard.
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I love this author's stories. She vividly brings this new world to light and takes you magical ride through well developed characters and a fun storyline. I highly recommend this story and her other fantasy stories like Gryphon's Quest and Goblin Moon.
C. Roberts
Amazon Reviewer


“Never open the gray book. Not for any reason!”

To become a Master Wizard, Brynn Nightflyer apprentices herself to man with a shady past; a man who has turned into a recluse. Whether he wants to train her or not, she expects him to meet the requirements of his position and help her hone her magical skills. She's not prepared for the overwhelming sexual chemistry with her new instructor or the fact that, after everything they've shared together, he still wants her to leave his planet as soon as possible.

Draco Pendragon wasn't planning to let his new apprentice stay on his world, let alone seduce her, but he can't resist her lush curves and quick tongue. Sex with her is hotter than anything he's had before, and Brynn's considerable magical ability adds to the intensity of their couplings. But even as their relationship grows, Draco can't forget that he's hunted by shadows of his past — shadows that would like to see him dead.

Note to readers: This is a spicy book! Please try one of my other titles if spicy material might be offensive. I write all kinds of books, from clean and wholesome to action adventure, with no sensual overtones at all. This story is 'out' of the wholesome category! It's meant for readers who like things hot.

Release date: August 31, 2018

Publisher: Candace Sams

Print pages: 187

Content advisory: Sexual content/Fantasy

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Behind the book

Honesty and sacrifice.

These are qualities necessary for any person to practice magic. Rules must be obeyed. There is a price to be paid when they aren't.

On a distant planet, a member of the vaunted Pendragon clan knows sacrifice all too well. And loneliness.

His new apprenctice must learn all there is to know about magic. That includes making serious choices that could alter her future. 

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