Mythreal Night

Mythreal Night

Adversaries find more in common than they'd have believed. On a distant planet, Valentine's Day means romance!
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Two adversarial master space spies bury the hatchet during Valentine's Day.
On the planet Mythreal, two highly trained intelligence officers catch each other spying. Rather than risk open war over the incident, they devise a way to at least appear to get along.
What better way to keep the peace than to pretend to be lovers during an Earth Embassy Valentine's Day gala.

Rating: Sweet, Old fashioned Romance
Genre: Futuristic Romance

Release date: February 13, 2020

Publisher: Candace Sams

Print pages: 99

Content advisory: A sweet old-fashioned romance for all ages, set in a futuristic society - for Valentine's Day.

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Behind the book

Two enemies become friends - then lovers - as Valentine's Day on a future world unfolds...


Rating: G for all audiences

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