The Right Time: A Best Friends to Lovers Small Town Romance

The Right Time: A Best Friends to Lovers Small Town Romance

Sometimes, the sweetest love may be found in your own backyard.
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Adrienne and Lucas' friendship spans a lifetime, woven with shared secrets, dreams, and the white picket fence that divides their worlds. But when Lucas returns home, Adrienne’s heart stumbles into uncharted territory—a web of emotions she can’t untangle.

As she grapples with her feelings, Jasmine, her confidante, throws her a curveball: set her up with Lucas. The impossible choice looms—risk their lifelong friendship for love or play matchmaker and silently ache as love blooms elsewhere.

In this tender small-town romance, Adrienne must decide: Is it time to confess her heart’s truth, or will she forever watch from the sidelines? 

Will she learn that  sometimes the sweetest love may be found in your own backyard

Release date: February 7, 2024

Print pages: 117

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Behind the book

The Right Time is one of those books that wasn't planned. In 2023 I worked with an incredible set of authors on a romance collection called the "The Meet Cute Book Club". 

Eight friends from the same college who stayed connected via a monthly book club meeting. 

My contribution to the collection was called "The Right Guy". In it Catherine March, from my Lake Hope small town romance series, received her HEA. 

The plan was a one and done novel. However, in the novel, Catherine's younger sister, Adrienne, stepped on the page with a magnetic, look at me, force that couldn't be ignored. 

She, and a number of readers, demanded that she get her own story. Hence, the origin story for "The Right Time." 

I hope you enjoy this sweet romance that warms my heart. 


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