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Love Doesn’t Come with an Expiration Date
Kennedy Myers was the queen of Spring Hills High School: beauty pageant champ, head cheerleader, and the most popular girl in school. She only made one mistake—she said yes to the wrong boy. 
Elijah Stevenson was the resident nerd at Spring Hills High. Convention said he should have never been friends with someone like Kennedy Myers. He hid in the shadows and avoided the spotlight, where she thrived. Not wanting to risk their friendship, Elijah watched as she ran off with the boy he knew wouldn't love her the way he did. 
The Spring Hills Ten-Year High School reunion gives them both an opportunity to revisit the point in their life that they both hold with regret. Will the reunion allow them a second chance or will it be just another missed connection? 

Release date: November 10, 2022

Print pages: 241

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Book One in the Spring Hills Ten-Year High School Reunion Series.

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