Take You Back

Take You Back

Friends with Benefits in a small town is a dangerous game.
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Friends with Benefits in a small town is a dangerous game. 
When a new to town gorgeous man like Kai Daniels arrives like a gift from above to your small middle-of-nowhere town you only have one choice. Act quickly. 
Or in my case, too fast.
My no-strings proposal is out of my lips before I’ve thought it through. 
He’s not a one-and-done man. He’s moved to Spring Hills and is here to stay. 
Now I’m attempting to do the impossible. Is it even possible to go from lovers to friends to a future? 
I stumbled into the smallest of small towns in search of something completely different. My frustrating history forced me to shake things up in ways I had never considered before. 
This time it will be different. It has to be.
Then Jada happened. 
A mesmerizing bold beauty who knocks me on my heels before I’ve unpacked. 
I thought I’d put impulsive decisions in my rearview. But her irresistible proposal is too enticing to pass.  
I’m familiar with no strings, no attachments. 
But in a small town, the devil is in the details. I’ve been assigned as the faculty coordinator for the Ten-Year High School Reunion. A position that must work closely with the alumni volunteer. You already know who it is, it’s Jada. The best worst best decision I’ve ever made. Send help. 

Release date: May 30, 2023

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Book Two of the Spring Hills 10-Year High School Reunion Series.

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