Jackson's Love

Jackson's Love

Book 3: Lake Hope
It’s not where you’re from - it’s where your heart leads you.
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Loved it!!! I truly felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster as I read this book. The slow burn love between Jackson and Dana ... was astonishing! This book is rich in content and drama! I loved all the secrets, passion and the journey to discovering that they were made for each other.
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It's not where you're from - it's where your heart leads you.

Everyone has a past. Dana tried to outrun hers by moving to beautiful Lake Hope in search of a fresh start. With her life at a crossroads, she must choose between a life-alternating professional opportunity or address the undeniable distraction she has to Jackson, a man with inked up muscles and smoldering intensity. Dana has played this game before and felt its burn. To protect her heart, she knows she should avoid temptation... even if he's a painfully attractive one.

Jackson doesn't talk about what drew him to Destiny Falls. These days, he's perfectly content living the quiet life as a coffee shop manager. But one look at Dana, and he's willing to jeopardize his scars from the past being revealed to pursue the longings of his heart. For her, he will face his demons head-on.

Will both their pasts blind them to a future together? Or will the magnetic possibility of a future together have them risk it all once again?

Release date: April 30, 2020

Print pages: 232

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