• The Nightwatchers: Skord, Book 3

The Nightwatchers: Skord, Book 3

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The Nightwatchers crime fighting, action-adventure series continues...

There was a time when men believed in honor more than anything else.
Chivalry was the rule of the day.

In the continuing series of The Nightwatchers, Skord Shorner seeks to recover magical relics that he once lost in 1816. Only when they are locked safely away from humanity can he rejoin the vampiric agency he once loved and thereby regain his honor.

When Skord is ordered to work with an unknown Irish woman, to accomplish this task, suspicions arise.
Who is Chalyce Duncan? What secrets is she hiding and why is she more important to the agency than some of its most experienced members?

Lies are compounded when a cagey, murderous vampire enters into the search for the relics.

It's now a race between good and evil; right and wrong.

Skord must find the artifacts he lost before sinister minions of darkness use them for evil purposes.

Surrounded by vampires who want to see him dead, the hero must rely on his cunning and experience to keep himself alive and recover what he lost, so long ago.

Rating: Limited sexual scenes, 90% action-adventure
Book 3 of a series

Release date: May 29, 2020

Publisher: Candace Sams

Print pages: 260

Content advisory: Some sexual content. Rated PG. Content heavy with Action/Adventure Romantic Elements

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Behind the book

A very old vampire helped the allies win WWII. Now, in modern Europe, he finds that someone escaped the war; someone who should have been imprisoned for his crimes.

But going off mission to capture a Nazi war criminal could cost everything. Even another, beloved agent's life.

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