• The Nightwatchers: Sean, Book 2

The Nightwatchers: Sean, Book 2

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The Nightwatchers: Sean, Book 2

A vampiric organization is secretly trusted with fighting world criminals that threaten humanity.

Continuing the crime-fighting series, Sean Reilly must face and defeat an ancient foe while battling rogue vampires who are running rampant in Ireland. The rogues' savage presence threatens to reveal vampires to civilization.

Morgan Grady, a newly changed American vampire, fights for the recognition she deserves as both a warrior and Sean's partner. Before she can be accepted into The Nightwatchers organization, or even perceived as Sean's equal, ghosts from World War II must be finally confronted and defeated.

Nothing is what is seems and the seeds of discontent are sewn. The leader of The Nightwatchers organization may not be who or what he says he is. Can he be trusted by his own agents?

Ancient drama unfolds as the Irish-based vampires fight for truth in the midst of treachery.

Rating: Limited sexual scenes, 90% action-adventure
Book 2 of a series

Release date: April 24, 2020

Publisher: Candace Sams

Print pages: 221

Content advisory: Some sexual content. Rated PG. Content heavy with Action/Adventure Romantic Elements

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Behind the book

A man who has seen the horrors of WWII is changed into a vampire and charged with finding and bringing to justice criminals in the world. He is aided by humans and other vampires within an organization known as The Nightwatchers.

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